Belly Dance at Studio 1831


About Belly Dance at Studio 1831

Interested in learning the mystery and sensuous beauty of an age-old performance art?  Also known as danse orientale, danse du ventre, and raqs sharqi, belly dance is not only a way to improve one’s health, it is also the perfect way to reconnect with the intimacies of the soul. Visit the Class Schedule page for more information.

For all belly dance workshops and belly dancing classes, we suggest you wear comfortable clothing and slippers/dance shoes or bare feet.  For those in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas, Studio 1831 offers the following classes:

Belly Dance I

We’ve designed this class specifically for beginners and for those who want to brush up on basic technique.  Students learn the basic moves most often seen in Cabaret/Egyptian style belly dance.  Moves include shoulder and hip shimmies, hip drops and lifts, snake hips and figure eights, rib circles and rib drops, as well as basic dance posture and arm placement.

Belly Dance II

We’ve designed this class specifically for intermediates.  This is a faster-paced class where students refine the Cabaret/Egyptian movements learned in the first two classes.  Students will work with veils, zils, and learn choreography suitable for a group performance.  In this class, the student will begin to learn about collaboration.

Bellydance III

We’ve designed this class specifically for advanced students.  Some highlights from this class include advance techniques, choreography, layering, and a faster pace.

Valerie's Studio 1831 is located at 1831 Brandywine St.
(one block north of Spring Garden Street),
in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia, PA, 19130,
within 15 minutes walking distance of Center City.
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Questions? Call the Studio at 215-665-1991.