Belly Dance with Jeni at Studio 1831

Bellydance with JeniAbout Jeni

Jeni's love of belly dance began at the age of 7 when she first saw how beautiful and powerful a woman can be while dancing. She received her first lesson in that moment and therefore was forever entranced with the practice! In college she honed her skills alongside many years of Western style dance experience, including the important knowledge of proper alignment.

As a performer and teacher, her style is known as highly energetic and creative and her passion is creating a community through this beautiful and ancient dance form alongside helping ALL women feel as amazing as she does when she dances! Her unique energetic fusion of belly dance classes in Philadelphia are all inclusive; welcome all body types; activity levels, ages, and beginners, is a great workout for all, even pregnant women, and is also safe for those recovering from injuries.

Because of the natural movements used in the classes, you will strengthen your core in a way no amount of crunches can achieve! You will get fit and have a great workout without putting any stress on the joints while having fun! Feel amazing, experience a unique dance class, improve your fitness, and belong to an amazing community of women. Check out a dance class with Jeni and come shimmy with us!


You can pay in person via cash, card or Venmo or purchase any of the classes on this page in advance via PayPal at Jeni's website -- go to and click on classes.Belly dance with Jeni

Belly Cardio
Every Tuesday 7:30-8:30 p.m.

This is a belly dance class for those who want to get their sweat on. It is a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise while using simple combinations of belly dance moves to a variety of traditional and modern tunes. If you love Zumba, this belly dance fusion is a great class for fun and fitness!

$10 for first time drop in
$18 for drop in
$12.50 per class with an 8-week package purchase

Belly Dance Technique & Drills Class
Once a month until September; starting September, class will be every Thursday 6:30 p.m.

An overall introduction to belly dance class, this is core strengthening as I break down basic belly dance technique while focusing on proper form. Each move is drilled to achieve proper alignment. These moves are then turned into a simple combination that is repeated for practice. Do not let the slow pace fool you, this is an intense core workout!

$10 for first time drop in
$18 for drop in
$12.50 per class with an 8-week package purchased

First Friday Dance Fitness with WINE!
Every First Friday of the month from 7:00-8:30 p.m.

If you are looking for a fun thing to do for a Friday Night out with amazing people or just want to get a great workout and sip some wine and relax after, here is your chance! First Friday Dance Fitness class is a one hour class to sweat it out with some awesomely fun and funky tunes, a different 15 minute specialty dance based portion each month (yoga, sculpting, belly dance drills, chair dance, etc.), and drink delicious wine! Dances are part world rhythms like Merengue, Bachata, Bollywood and Belly Dance to name a few plus hip hop/pop styles and fitness based music to help get you hype to workout!

Registration Prices:
$20 Early Bird (Purchased before one week in advance)
$25 (Purchased after one week until the day of)
$30 (Purchased the day of)

Belly Dance Choreography Bellydance with Jeni
Classes start in September, Thursdays 7:30 p.m.

Beginner/Intermediate Levels. Learn the beautiful art of belly dance by stringing together basic and layered moves in this class, which is intended to help students who are devoted to learning and possibly performing either with the class or professionally or just to enjoy an amazing challenge by taking their belly dance skill up another level. Each 8-weeks, students will learn a brand new dance to a new song.

$10 for first time drop in
$18 for drop in
$12.50 per class with an 8-week package purchased

To purchase any of the classes on this page in advance, go to and click on classes.

(Note: Studio 1831 class cards are not usable with Jeni's belly dance classes.)