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Fees & Getting Started


Classes are held at Studio 1831, located at 1831 Brandywine Street,
one block north of Spring Garden Street in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia (zip code 19130). Go to www.mapquest.com if you need to see a map.


Most classes are held on an ongoing basis (unless noted), so there is no start date or session period. There's also no need to pre-register. Our doors are open to you 5 to 10 minutes prior to each class. Other classes are likely to be scheduled before yours so you may have to wait a few minutes until the earlier class lets out. Latecomers are welcome but please be courteous to other class members and enter discreetly.
What to Wear:

For all classes, wear comfortable clothing.

For Yoga, Pilates, and Bellydance you can wear bare feet. For bellydance, soft slippers are option.

Class Fees:

Yoga, Belly Dance, Fitness classes:
  • Single class -- $14
  • 10 class card -- $120
  • 20 class card -- $200
Student rate with valid ID
  • Single class -- $12
  • 10 class card -- $100
  • 20 class card -- $180

Private classes are also available for $60 per hour or four private classes for $220.

Private classes:

Private yoga, belly dance, and fitness classes are available by appointment.

For more info:

E-mail info@studio1831.com or 215-665-1991

Class Descriptions:


The word "Yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root "yuj," meaning to "bind, join, attach and yoke." Yoga, in its original sense, is the joining or union of the individual self with the higher self. Through the practice of yoga, we combine postures and breathing exercises that lead us toward harmony, balance and well-being. In the process, we reduce stress and acquire strength and flexibility as we develop the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspect of our being. Wear comfortable clothing.

Belly Dance I

Learn basic technique including shoulder and hip shimmies, hip drops and lifts, snake hips and figure-eights, as well as basic dance posture and placement. Wear comfortable clothing and slippers/dance shoes or bare feet.

Belly Dance II

Students continue to build on the Cabaret/Egyptian technique and begin to combine movements for an improvisational style. New belly dance students who feel comfortable with a faster pace may also enjoy this class.

Belly Dance III

Building on the dance skills learned in basic and intermediate classes, students take their dancing to the next level, with more challenging moves, increased layering, and improvisation. BDII students who feel comfortable with a faster pace may also enjoy this class.


Pilates is a unique system of body conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. The Pilates Method focuses on creating strength and stability in the "core" abdominal area. It also focuses on a mindful approach to, enhancing flexibility, increasing coordination, and improving skeletal alignment, and strengthening the muscles without creating bulk. Previously practiced almost exclusively by dancers and professional atheletes, the Pilates Method has recently gained national recognition as a safe and effective means of achieving a strong, balanced physique.


Ditch the workout -- join the party! Zumba® is the hottest craze in health and fitness.  It fuses Latin and international rhythms with easy to follow moves for an energizing, calorie-burning workout. Zumba is an effective workout for novice and expert alike.