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Other Services at Studio 1831

Kelly McGuinness, Reikki PractitionerReiki

Reiki is a healing art that originated in Japan, although similar practices exist in other cultures. Reiki promotes relaxation and a sense of well being, and complements other healing modalities to work toward relief from innumerable injuries and conditions. During a session, the recipient is fully clothed and usually lying down. The Reiki practitioner lightly touches parts of the body (e.g., the head, shoulders, knees, feet) and/or works "off the body," with the hands near, but not touching, the body. The healing process occurs over time, so it is useful to receive a series of Reiki sessions, but single sessions are beneficial as well.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage involves "passive yoga," in which the practitioner applies pressure to energy lines and pressure points in the recipient, gently guiding her or him into various yoga positions. This massage is practiced on the floor, with the recipient lying fully clothed on a mat. Thai Massage is both relaxing and invigorating, and improves blood and lymph circulation, relieves muscle fatigue and tension, and strengthens the immune system, among other benefits.

Kelly McGuinness, R.Y.T., teaches ashtanga yoga, and practices Thai Massage and Reiki. She received her Yoga Alliance certification through Yoga on High in Columbus, Ohio, where she also received Reiki Level I and II certification. She loves to introduce people to yoga and energy work, and strives to make new students feel safe and inspired. She lived in Bangkok, where she learned Thai bodywork at the Thai Traditional Massage School at Wat Pho.

$70 / hr for Thai Massage or Reiki

Hours by appointment only.
E-mail kelmcguinness@yahoo.com
Tel: 215-990-5239

Thai Yoga Massage

With roots in the ancient healing traditions of ayurveda and yoga, Thai Yoga Massage incorporates finger and palm pressure along energy lines, rhythmic motion, breathwork, and assisted yoga stretches. It is done on a futon mat with the client dressed in comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. For the client, it is like receiving an entire yoga session- without any effort on their part. It has been shown to relieve muscular tension, boost the immune system, and balance the body energetically.


Shiatsu is an acupressure massage that originates from Japan. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that energy (chi) travels throughout the body in meridian lines. When energy is blocked along a meridian, tension, pain and illness can result. When the meridian points are pressed during shiatsu, they relieve muscular tension, promote circulation and balance the vital energy of the body. Shiatsu is effective for a wide variety of physical and mental ailments, such as headaches, shoulder and neck tension, backache and sciatica, and relieving stress.

Cost for both styles of massage:

$75 for one hour
$110 for 90 minutes

To make an appointment, contact Kevin Starbard at kstarbard@earthlink.net or visit his website at www.peacefulway.com.

Studio 1831 is located at 1831 Brandywine Street, one block north of Spring Garden St. in Philadelphia, PA. (If you want to find directions online, use www.mapquest.com; search for 1831 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130).

From the Schuylkill Expressway (276): Take the Vine Street Expressway exit (676) and then the 1st exit -- 22nd/23rd Street -- in Philadelphia. See "From 22nd Street Directions" below.

From I-95: Take the Vine Street Expressway (676) to the 22nd Street/Art Museum exit. See "From 22nd Street" directions below.

From 22nd Street: Head north on 22nd Street from the Ben Franklin Parkway and make a right at the second light, which is Spring Garden Street. Make a left onto 18th Street (heading north). Turn left at the first street, Brandywine. Find parking on the block or in the surrounding neighborhood.

Valerie's Studio 1831 is located at 1831 Brandywine St.
(one block north of Spring Garden Street),
in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia, PA, 19130,
within 15 minutes walking distance of Center City.
Click here for directions.

Questions? Call the Studio at 215-665-1991.