Yoga at Studio 1831

Photo by Lina JangWe have designed Yoga classes at Studio 1831 with the individual in mind.  We vary postures or asanas within each class to suit both new and experienced students, as well as to accommodate students with physical limitations due to injury or inactivity.  Practicing Yoga is practicing personal growth.  Studio 1831 prides itself in providing a unique Yoga experience for the student.  No two students will have the same experience.

The Yoga market is constantly growing, especially in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.  It is a great way to get fit, stay fit, and to reduce stress.  Studio 1831 provides instruction in Hatha Yoga, one of the eight limbs of Yoga.  Hatha Yoga represents a series of physical postures designed to increase your flexibility, enhance your concentration, develop strength, balance and coordination, relieve back pain and reduce stress.

Classes at the Studio are:

  • Personalized – Through one-on-one attention to each student, Valerie emphasizes proper alignment, balance, focus, and breathing.  It is truly an individualized experience. 
  • Adaptable – Students can adapt poses to suit their level of ability with the proper use of props, such as blocks, straps, and chairs to gain greater flexibility and strength.  Valerie encourages the student to grow in any which way. 
  • Appropriately Paced – Students hold poses to enable them to focus on alignment and to maximize the effectiveness of each posture.  Valerie does not rush the student, creating a stress-free environment suitable for growth. 
  • Unique – Using her extensive training in many styles of yoga including Iyengar, Power, Ashtanga, Bikram, Integral, Kripalu, Kundalini, Vinyasa, etc., Valerie has extracted fundamental concepts and combined them with her Pilates, dance, and fitness training to create an effective and comprehensive style.  No other Yoga studio in South Jersey can provide such a personalized and unconventional experience.

What her students say:

Photo by Lina Jang"I'm 58 years old and began yoga four years ago. It's one of the best things I ever did for myself. I'm stronger and much more flexible now. My posture, balance, and breating are much improved, as is my sense of well being. Yoga can also be a great adjunct to your present sport. I highly recommend yoga for men of all ages. Plus, Valerie is a superb instructor with a wonderful personal touch." -- Frank Feingold, Philadelphia

"Before I started taking yoga with Valerie...I had severe pain in my heels and it took a while to be able to walk. But after taking yoga at Studio 1831, I found that along with greater strength and flexibility, I no longer had pain in my heels, hips and back. There's no doubt in my mind that this exercise has changed my life." -- Dina Portnoy

"No more back pain. No more headaches. No more ibuprophen. Since I began working with Valerie in yoga and aerobics. I feel taller, more focused, and energized. Thanks, Val!" -- Marilyn Arnold Palley (age 51)

"Since I first became conscious of this world 75 years ago, I have consistently pooh-poohed all of those folk who would tell me, with shining eyes, how yoga improved their lives. How foolish, I would muse, to think that mysterious and foolish looking stretches could so affect their lives. Then, in order to placate my wife, Marily, I allowed myself, almost in self defense, to start private lessons with you. The first 15 minutes of my first lesson were terrible. I was embarrassed at my lack of limber and, at first, felt that Photo by Lloyd David Photographyno good would come of it. But halfway into my first hour, I began to sense Valerie's passion and commitment. By the end of that first hour, filled with pain and pleasure, I realized what I had been missing. Many thanks from this old devotee, Valerie. Go from strength to strength. Go from health to health." -- Reese Palley (age 82)

Yoga at Studio 1831 is not just some class; it is also an all-encompassing life transformation.  The lives of Valerie’s students— young and old alike—have been positively turned upside down.  From the novice to the expert, there are always new things to learn, and Valerie is ready to show you!  Embrace heart, embrace health, embrace Hatha.